Patient Testimonials

During the last two years we have received over 77 positive comments from patients. Here are just a few !

Date Received - 23 Sep 2020

Patient x - would like to express her gratitude to everyone for all we do here, we are all fantastic.  She loves her chats with the Reception team, gives her a big boost for the day.  She would like to express her thanks to everyone.  Well done Team AMG

Date Received - 18 Dec 2020 

Patient x - wishes Dr Jokhio to know how Amazing you have been in helping her with her problems.

Date Received - 15 Jan 2021

I have had patient x in with me today and wanted me to pass a message on to say thankyou very much for everything that we do and that we are working hard !

Date Received - 03 Mar 2021

Patient x would like to pass on to everyone his thanks for everything we do and says we are doing a fabulous job 

Date Received - 22 Mar 2021

Patient x - would like to thank all the staff for the amazing job they have done during this difficult pandemic. She says this is the best GP surgery she has been with so far! She would particularly like to pass thanks on to all the Reception staff. She says they are amazing at what they do and consistent with communication which makes her life far less stressful!

Date Received - 25 May 2021

Mrs x would like to pass on praise for Dr Morrison. He went to visit her today at home, she says he is one of the nicest doctors she has ever seen, says he was lovely and polite and would welcome him back anytime! :-)

Date Received - 17 Sept 2021

Hi a patient has just walked into surgery to say what a wonderful job we all did at the flu clinic & that we do a marvellous job.

Date Received - 29 Oct 2021 

Huge praise to Dr Allwood, I have done a home flu vaccination today to Patient x and she couldn't praise you enough for your kindness and wanted to say a big thank you to you. Well done.

Date Received - 16 Dec 2021  

Patient x -  called to Thank Dr Lowden for the exeptional care and attention she recieved at her recent appointment, she appreciates all the help she has recieved from all AMG staff, especially Dr Lowden.

Date Received - 16 Dec 2021  

Mrs xx -  would like to say thank you to the practice for our efficient and thoughtful service.

Date Received - 26 Mar 2022 

Dr Ahrens saw patient x this morning and she has moved to Chesterfield andf will be reregistering. She said her one regret of the move is not being able to stay registered with us due to the distance. We have provided an excellent service to her and her family since she was a child. I thought it was a lovely comment and would share

Date Received - 28 Apr 2022 

Patient x -  would like to express her gratitude to Dr Bartholomeuz for his kindness and professionalism he showed her this week. Nice to get positive attitude.